You’re better off staying home


If you are a rider of the N, R, of F train, you would probably have ended up better off if you called out of work this morning. Holy smokes there were major issues on the East Side this morning.

A broken rail at 59th & Lex sent the East Side’s subway commute into a spiraling ball of flames.  The MTA notice?  Late and descriptive (not) as always:

Due to a rail condition at the Lexington Avenue-59th Street Station:

There is no service on the W train between the Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard Station and the Whitehall Street-South Ferry Station.

In addition, there is no service on the N train between the 57th Street-7th Avenue Station and the Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard Station.

Also, the Manhattan-bound R trains are running on the F line between the 57th Street-7th Avenue Station and the 36th Street Station.

Please expect delays in service on the N, R and F trains at this time.

Plus, Fashion Week is gearing up in Midtown, so that always adds to the overall congestion on the street level.  Good times.

2 thoughts on “You’re better off staying home

  1. I was on the #7 this morning. An N was accross the platform at Queensborough Plaza as we pulled in. Everyone ran off, as always, to hop the N. ONLY THEN did an announcement come over the PA saying that there was no Manhattan bound service on the N. Of course they tried shutting the doors on the 7 when everyone came running back. Lovely.


  2. Did they try to shut the doors on them on purpose? If so, that is truly pathetic. The MTA wonders why many don’t think highly of them. Stupid decisions like the one described above are a big reason why.


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