Oooo Girrrrl…Gypsy Maps Bitch Slaps onNYTurf’s Map


So if you’ve checked out GypsyMaps, you might have found yourself asking, “Did onNYTurf go girly?”  Nope, it isn’t the same site. 

Gypsymapsis a pretty blatant copy of the onNYTurfsubway map/Google Map mashup. 

Unfortunately, I think Gypsy may end up on top in this one, and that’s just because it is more corporate looking.  The site’s reponse time is a little better, the site is a little more modern, and there’s clearly new products in development.  Gypsy says that they will also release a bus version very shortly.

However, SUBWAYblogger has a softspot for the onNYTurf maps.  They are more grassroots.  It’s a noncommercial effort of real people just looking to provide New Yorkers a great free service.  So, I think they deserve all the credit. Unfortunately, a more commercial company might monetize it much better.

Anyway, check them both out and see what you like.  If you don’t have a preference, then just stick with the good guys at onNYTurf.

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