“Because of an investigation,” strikes again


Quickly becoming me least favorite phrase in the English language.  They should just change it to, “Because the system is ridiculously fragile,” or “Because it has been a few days since we last inconvenience you…”

As soon as you hear that phrase of the PA system, you might as well bend over and take it in the shorts.  Resisting will only make it harder.  No matter what comes after that phrase, just assume that you are not going to get where you are going on time.  Period.

It could be, “Because of an investigation in Miami, Florida, all express service will be running on the local track.”  It doesn’t matter what comes next.  There’s never a detailed reason.  Meanwhile, they will constantly tell you where the next train is in the opposite direction you are trying to go. 

Yes, please keep telling me where the next uptown train is.  Myself, and the other 1,500 riders on the downtown platform are hanging in suspense.  But keep telling us about that investigation.  Don’t tell us where the hell the next train is, no no.  Keep us guessing.  It’s more fun that way.

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