You’re Totally F-ed


If you’re a regular F train rider, you’ve probably noticed that your commute has sucked the past few weeks.  Why?  Because your train never seems to come, and when it does, it is packed to the gills with people.

Where the hell did all these people come from?  Nowhere.  That’s because there arent actually any more people riding the train.  It’s because there have actually been less trains operating on that line.  Sweet.

There were 100 people already waiting for the F train when it pulled into the Seventh Avenue stop last Wednesday morning.

But the train was almost entirely packed by the time it showed up, and only a handful of commuters was able to get on.

Again, SUBWAYblogger says welcome to the conversation.  We’ve been saying this about various lines for quite some time now. 

Return to normal? Uhhh nope
Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Service cuts come early?
Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

You might recall that SUBWAYblogger live-blogged our own little adventurewhere we had to claw our way onto a train.  We had a very similar situation where train after train came by where only a dozen or so of the 100 people waiting could fit on the train.  It was fuuuun. 

The MTA just needs go get more trains in service.  That’s it. 

Hopefully, the MTU won’t screw things up.  Why?  Because one potential solution are the fully automated cars (or partial automated).  They are capable of running trains closer together than trains operated by humans.  This means you could fit more trains on the line, closer together.  That would increase the train frequency and alleviate the crowding.

And yes, we know the headline was a little too easy.  Sorry about that.

One thought on “You’re Totally F-ed

  1. The service won’t improve when things are automated. It is a PR sham with no merit. Either equipment will fail much easier or the outdated system will slow it down. Either way the riders will get screwed.


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