L Train Stabbing Leaves One Dead


If you were at the New Lots Ave stop of the L train at around 3am this morning, you probably saw a pretty ugly thing.  Five people were arrested in connection with the stabbing and subsequent death of 20-year old Gerlin Collando. 

Collando was stabbed multiple times in the chest.  Allegedly, the argument that lead to the stabbing was the result of Collando dancing with someone else’s girlfriend at a party.

The suspects jumped onto a departing train, however, police held the train and caught up to the suspects at the next stop.

Now that the “hard” news is out of the way, let’s discuss…

How freaking scary would it be to find yourself stuck in a train car with the “suspects?”  One thing that idiot criminals forget is that they can’t out run a radio.  So, when police were called to the scene, they were able to radio for the train to be held.  Thus, the train stopped, doors closed, with the suspects trapped inside.

Not a crew that SUBWAYblogger would like to be locked in with.  There had to have come a point where the suspects knew that something was going on.  They had to know that the train was stopped because of them.

Anyway, stopping the train gives police plenty of time to get set up at the next stop.  At that point, there’s really no where else to run.

Just imagine sitting on that train.  Out the window, you see this group of guys stab another guy.  Then they run into the car that you are already sitting in.  What do you do?  Probably you just act like any other New Yorker, and act like nothing is out of the ordinary. 

6 thoughts on “L Train Stabbing Leaves One Dead

  1. If it was one guy, sure I’d be a hero. There’s lots of free drinks for that. But five? Hell no. I’d act like a homeless guy and crap my pants on the spot just so they’d stay away.


  2. I was on the E last evening coming back into town from the AirTrain. There were some regular-schmo-looking guys here and there around the car… then some other guy, hopping from car to car, started to make his way through ours, and suddenly all the schmos were on their feet and pulling out badges on neck chains. I never got a read on what was happening — it was all very sotto voce — but it was clear they’d been looking for this particular guy.

    They all got off at the next stop, but it took us three to five minutes to get there, and I have to say I was a little concerned, since my wife and daughter were with me. There was never any “it’s going down” vibe, but I could still imagine someone losing his cool and suddenly we’re all on the cover of this morning’s Post. I moved the stroller (yeah, you heard me, stroller) around so I was between her and the scene… as if that would have accomplished much in a crisis.

    So to finally get around to the scenario you described… if I felt edgy last night, I don’t know what I’d do stuck next to someone with a bloody knife. Freaky.


  3. Well, if need be, you could pick up the stroller and swing it around like a weapon. You could probably do some serious damage!

    I would recommend that you take the kid out of the stroller first, though.


  4. wow. what’s sad is the mindless senseless killing…And the worst part is, this couple probably wont last, so WHY kill someone over it?


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