I Spy


Digital video cameras coming to a subway car near you.  Or maybe not.  Or yes.  But perhaps no.  Huh?

We still don’t think the MTA knows what they want to do yet, but they are starting to dip their toes in the water with this idea.

The MTA has asked some subway car manufacturers to investigate installing digital surveillance systems on all the subway cars.  Yes, that sound you hear is in fact the ACLU growling along with every other privacy advocate group in the Tri-state.

SAS thinks that SUBWAYblogger won’t be too “enamored with the idea,” but we actually don’t think it’s a big deal.  So you might get caught picking your nose on the train.  And you might get caught on tape when you’re working on your graffiti.  Also, that dream of having sex in an empty subway car probably wouldn’t happen…unless the camera thing is a turn on. 

There’s some positives.  You might be self conscious about your odd behavior, but think about the criminals.  Next time you get your purse snatched, the thug might think twice if he thinks he could get caught on tape. 

So I hate to sound like “the man,” but if you aren’t doing anything illegal, what do you have to worry about? Washington, DC is already doing it (see picture above).

Anyway, the whole idea will cost a shat load of money, so don’t hold your breath. 

8 thoughts on “I Spy

  1. I can’t support any sort of invasion like this. The money could be spent better elsewhere. I bet within months, the cameras would end up broken & would cost more money to constantly replace them.

    The U.S. can’t turn everything into a police state where watching us is status quo.


  2. They should make it pay-per-view. Like pay yer $30, and for a month you can click onto any train you want and invade you some privacy. They’ll make a mint!


  3. It’s not an invasion. You pay for a metrocard for the privilege of riding. It’s just like an airplane. You don’t have the right to privacy when you ride in The MTA’s trains. You have the right to privacy if you walk.

    But I agree, they’d be vandalized within hours and they’re not cost effective. Spend the money on cops instead. They can actually stop a crime in progress. Using the money to improve service would be nice too…

    The PPV idea is hysterical.


  4. I know you pay for the privilege of riding which is why I find some complaints about riders ridiculous. I just feel watching us should not be a part of our commute. When you start letting that happen, it is encouraging the spread of paranoia & a police state mentality.


  5. I don’t understand. So getting on a subway with hundreds of strangers who are watching every more you make is okay, but cameras are not? That’s doesn’t make sense. I don’t know where the expectation started, but you don’t have a right to privacy in a public place.

    As to complaining about other riders, well, that’s just me blowing off steam. I still pay and ride daily. If I was really serious about it and it bothered me that much, I would not.


  6. Realistically speaking most passengers are in their own world to even notice or care as to who you are. It is a totally different animal when you have the government watching you.

    I never stated that I expect for any of us to have privacy in a public place. However it is really night & day comparing the possibility of every little movement watched compared to the possibility you will be noticed by fellow passengers.


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