Police Crack Down on New Rules Leads to Weapon Seizures


Back in 2005, the MTA passed new regulation making it illegal to walk between train cars (using the end doors).  The new rule was created mainly out of safety concerns.  The MTA wanted to reduce the number of injuries and deaths resulting from people falling through to the tracks.

Recently, the transit cops have discovered a new love of this regulation.  Basically, if an MTA cop spots you walking between train cars, they have the right to stop you.  Usually, you’ll just get a ticket and be on your way.  However, because they have stopped you for an offense, they have cause to give you a quick frisk while they have you in custody.

As a result, the transit cops keep finding guns and knives!

NYPD transit police have seized 296 knives and 13 handguns in the subway this year, compared with 116 knives and eight guns during the same stretch last year.

Realizing this new search strategy, the police have targeted crime hotspots.  Areas of high crime on street level will now receive special attention under ground.  Cops crack down on subway offenses under these areas, and pull tons of weapons out of the area.

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