Easter school trips

Underground foot traffic already seems lower this week. I think it is because there aren’t as many school trips in the city this week.

Last week, schools all over the Tri-State and New England were off for Easter. So a lot of schools and youth groups plan trips to NYC. Everywhere you turned last week, there were groups of 30 or 50 high school kids.

SUBWAYblogger isn’t really “against” the school trips. Hell, that’s how we were first exposed to this grand city back in our youth. But, the extra bodies can really screw up your commute.

50 kids all trying to get in the same subway car at 8:30am can mess things up. Pure dread comes over you when you are walking down the stairs to your platform, and you see a group of them standing in “your waiting area.”

They also tend to move like a herd. So if you get stuck behind them while making a dash for a connection, good luck!

Anyway, I think this week should be a little less crowded with school trips. We should be in good shape until May/June when it becomes “Senior Class Trip” season. Yikes.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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