Bloomberg Calls for New Yorkers to Ride Mass Transit Today

Mayor Bloomberg

Late in the evening (within minutes of posting this), Mayor Bloomberg’s office released a statement urging New Yorkers to use mass transit in the morning.  He wants to keep as many cars of the road as he possibly can.


If you turned on the news overnight, you saw roads under water all over the place.  Hoboken is swimming, but hey, now the ferry can pull right up to your building!

The LIRR is already seeing water get too close to the tracks for comfort.  Westbound tunnels into Penn Station are also looking like they are going to flood.

And then there’s the subway.  There’s guaranteed problems all over the place.  However, you won’t know about most of them until you are already well on your way to work.  The MTA isn’t exactly speedy then it comes to publicly reporting transit delays.  It usually takes a pretty significant outage for it to make it on the MTA website.

Flooded Tracks + Potential Power Outages + More Passengers (thanks to Bloomy’s request) = a hell of a morning commute.  Oh, and it’s still going to be raining.  😦

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