Bring your swim fins

Trade your power suit for a wetsuit. Leave your loafers at home, and take your fins. You’ll be much better off.

There’s water on the tracks all over. I just heard an announcement that there’s water on the tracks in the Bronx, so uptown 3 trains will terminate at 96th Street. Glad I’m not on that line.

My train seems to be running at half speed. It pulls in and out of the stations very slowly. At one point there were people walking faster on the platform than the train.

Walking down the first flight of steps from street level, I was greeted by 4 inches of water at the bottom. Tried to jump it, but just barely missed. Squishy shoes for me today. Yay.

I’m looking around at people on the train and many don’t have umbrellas. What the hell are you thinking people? 7 or so inches of rain in Central Park yesterday wasn’t hint enough that maybe this storm requires more than a wind breaker?

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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