Wet enough for you?

 Subway walkway under water

(that’s what she said!)

Don’t you just hate when people say that?  Hot enough for you?  Cold enough for you?

No, thank you.  I prefer much wetter.  I enjoy sitting at my desk all day with wet shoes and pants.  The squishing sound when you walk is my favorite!

So yeah, as we all saw today (and the photo illustrates), the rain was bananas.  Where did you see the most flooding?

Today, I was at the 59th Street/Columbus Circle station today, and it was looking pretty rough.  The entire station is undergoing the most ridiculous looking renovations you’ve ever seen.  The street above the station was tore up all winter long.  Actually, it started back in the fall.  Anyway, there’s many areas where the street is ripped up exposing the subway platform/tracks below.  Naturally, the rain just pours in.

Then there’s tons of other construction going on there.  They are removing tons of asbestos. Yummy.  They also have these stupid “shacks” set up everywhere.  They spend weeks building these temporary rooms in the open areas of the station.  The walls are plywood painted blue, and lord knows what the are storing in there.  All I know is that every time I’ve been there in bad weather, everything is soaking wet.

Then there’s the under water tracks.  With all this track replacement work going on every weekend, how come more drainage isnt being installed?  You would think that since they have the entire trackbed pulled up, it would be pretty easy to add some drains.

3 thoughts on “Wet enough for you?

  1. The problem with drains is that they have to lead somewhere. The MTA could install a drain top to create the semblance of a system to remove the stagnant water from the tracks; I wouldn’t but it past them. But it’s pretty useless without, well, a drain leading somewhere else.


  2. Drains. Pumps. Whatever, it doesn’t matter. The place is an island! So the water doesn’t have to go that far.

    The only other alternative is to seal the place up better and keep more of the water out of the system in the first place.


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