Here’s why strollers shouldn’t be on the subway

Finally, someone makes my case for me without even knowing it.  This happens more than most people notice, but it’s exactly what is getting in the way of the rest of us.

The 6 train has been my subway for over 10 years, so it’s quite embarrassing that it took the station manager’s voice finally announcing the next train to make me realize that we were waiting for the wrong one. THU-THUD–the stroller caught on the turnstile on our way out. “God-dammnit” I grunted as I wrenched it over. “Yes, gentleman who is shooting me a look. I did just swear two inches from my child’s face. She doesn’t speak English yet, so get over it.”

However, I will give this mother credit because she was taking this little adventure in the middle of the day around 1pm.  That’s the appropriate time to be out and about with all your baby gear.  8am and 5:30pm are NOT the right times to be out.

One thought on “Here’s why strollers shouldn’t be on the subway

  1. A really great way to avoid that stroller-hung-in-the turnstylef: Use a sling, back-pack type carrier instead! When your little ones are too large to tote that way, move to the county. Ye gads, I can’t even imagine having to commute with a stroller or for that matter on the subway at all. You folks who live in huge metro areas have all of my sympathy and awed admiration. I am so grateful that we are out in the ‘wilds’ where our biggest problems right now are snowplows not able to get down our road. Gimme the deer and even polecats any day!


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