MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow Resigns

KalikowMTA Chairman Peter Kalikow has finally stepped down so that Gov. Spitzer can choose a replacement.

Sometimes, it seems like these politicians are just threatening each other like school kids.  As if Spitzer was going to take away all Kalikow’s toys if he didn’t quit.  Jeez.

Anyway, its been a long time coming.  Litterally, back on December 1st, we reported that Kalikow planned to resign some time in second quarter.

Did you know that Kalikow wasn’t really being paid to be Chairman?  He’s already ridiculously wealthy from his realestate firm and was former publisher of the New York Post.   NYC has a history of hiring wealthy people that don’t need to be paid.  Look at Bloomberg for example…he’s worth a reported $13 Billion!!

The city pays Bloomberg $1.00 a year.  If you’ve ever been to his office/cubicle, he has the checks framed on the wall.

Anyway, Kalikow stuck around to get some projects off the ground, of which I know of at least one blogger that is happy he did.   As soon as Spitzer finds a replacement, Kalikow will ride off into the sunset.  Thanks for the good run, Pete!

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