Two More Subway Deaths This Weekend

Two more people died on the subway this weekend, however, this time they weren’t subway construction workers.

In two separate incidents, a pair of homeless men were killed. One man died while walking between train cars. He apparently slipped and fell between the train cars as they were moving. That never ends up well.

The other man died from an apparent stabbing. However, this is the one that seems the strangest. The police were not ruling out a an existing health condition. When they arrived though, they found him bleeding from the chest, and pronounced him dead on the scene. I was unaware that “bleeding from the chest” could be a preexisting health condition. Maybe he already had a wound that started bleeding again?? They were also up in the air about foul play. So maybe the guy stabbed himself?

The homeless in the subway is apparently becoming a growing problem. The population living in the subway has grown 33%. That’s a bit much.

1988 Homless on SubwayHomeless person asleep on subway

Above (click images for larger view): (Left) This shot was taken back in 1988 on an S train. If you look further down, you can see that there are people on all of the benches. The photographer says that people avoided this car like the plague because of the foul odor. (Right) Today, the condition doesn’t seem to have improved. It may not be as bad as the 80’s, but it’s still a problem.

4 thoughts on “Two More Subway Deaths This Weekend

  1. The last I had read, they were thinking the man with the “pre-existing condition” had pulled out his own heart stents. Now, I’ve seen heart stents before, and I don’t think that could’ve been what happened, but it sounds like there’s more to this story that involves this guy being bonkers then him being attacked. But then again, I got this info from The Post, so who knows…


  2. Homeless men?? I heard that a 26 year old musican died on the L train possibly May 6 and yet I can’t find out any of the details. How come this isn’t in the news? Is it due to a lawsuit or is it easier to ignore the deaths when the people are homeless?


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