Combat Door Holders


Ok, so this morning’s train was plagued by door holders.  Actually, it wasn’t door holders so much as people getting stuck in the doors as they tried to squeeze onto the overful train.

So here’s my idea to combat people who insist on cramming into over packed trains:

You know the black, rubber gasket on the doors where the doors come together?  Basically, the part that pinches you when you get stuck in the door.  The part that grabs onto your coat and won’t let go.   You know…the “door bumpers” if you will.  (see illustration)

Ok that part of the door is where I suggest they make out of ink pads.  Instead of rubber, they should make into a huge rubber stamp.  That way, if some gets stuck in the doors, it is going to leave huge black ink lines on them.

Knowing that, there’s no way anyone would stand near the doors as they were closing if they knew they were going to get “stamped” by the doors.  Wouldn’t wont to ruin that new denim body suit!

Ok ok…we don’t need to make it out of permanent ink.  It could be something washable.  As long as it is something that would make you look like a compete ass in your morning board meeting.

Your thoughts?

6 thoughts on “Combat Door Holders

  1. Hmmm. My comment before get held up in moderation and never approved. Let me try again:

    I nominate chalk as the substance for the rubber strips. Chalk on a suit is impossible to get out without sending it to the cleaners and it’ll show up all day before fading.


  2. Sorry it got held up! I probably blew past it when I was clearing out spam.

    Generally, comments only get flagged if they have a link in them or certain blacklisted words. In most cases, it will go to a manual approval cue for me to review.

    As long as it isn’t spam, I never delete any reader’s comment…even ones that bash this site.


  3. Door blockers and holders would turn around and sue the city if they were in any way punished for their rude behaviour. Personally, I love the idea and would suggest straight edge razors as opposed to ink or chalk. However, the bleeding heart liberals that can afford to live in the city and never actually ride the subway would offer pro bono assistance to the entitlement addicted masses in suing anyone that expects them to take responsibility for themselves.


  4. I hear that in Moscow the subway doors were pressure operated. People who held them risked broken fingers/arms. A less bloody alternative.


  5. I love the ink and chalk ideas!

    Random: As long as we’re improving the subway cars, can we add vertical handles parallel the doors that are used for transferring between trains? Even the new N trains don’t have them.


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