BOOOOOM! That’s the power of of a steam explosion blowing up your morning commute

Steam Explosion in New York City

All I gotta say is two things.  1) I told you so and 2) good luck getting to work on the East Side tomorrow.

Ok, so earlier today, I ranted on and on about how shockingly perfect my morning commute was despite the horrible weather.  At the end, I mentioned that I hoped it would continue to the ride home, but that I wasn’t going to hold my breath.  Boy was I right.

The street literally exploded.  Blew up.  How bad was it?  Bad enough to have the 4, 5, and 6 lines not make any stops in Manhattan.  The trains were still running I guess, but they certainly weren’t stopping.  They ran nonstop from the Brooklyn Bridge to 125th Street.

The other thing I loved was how the FDNY and  MTA couldn’t get their story straight.  The FDNY and OEM were advising people to stay away from the East Side around Grand Central Terminal.  The MTA kept saying that the trains were running still, and that you could enter on the Madison Ave side.  So which is it?  Come catch your train or don’t go near the place?

Anyway, the whole event was way to reminiscent of past tragic events.  While it is very sad that one person died indirectly from the blast, it is absolutely shocking that there weren’t more deaths.  Folks, what was essentially a volcano opened up in the middle of 41st Street, and swallowed a tow truck.  It shattered windows 16 stories up.  We were lucky.

Anyway, it’s going to be dicey in the morning.  Make sure you check the MTA’s transit advisory before heading out in the morning.  Good luck to us all.

Photo via stuntbox

2 thoughts on “BOOOOOM! That’s the power of of a steam explosion blowing up your morning commute

  1. MTA saying that there’s no debris on the tracks, 4 5 6 will run tomorrow stopping everywhere but Grand Central. I know it’ll still be royaly effed, but something’s better than nothing.


  2. Was on the train the very next day. Commute wasnt bad as of time, but it was just so crowded, though it was rush hour. Still, i just wish that this whole fiasco wouldnt have happened on behalf of the people/person(s) injured and killed.


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