And the MTA Said, “Let the subway have doors.”


This just in, the 7 line extension will have platform doors!

NY1 has learned exclusively (wtf?  Is it a secret?) that the 7 line extension will have doors on it’s subway platforms.

What the hell those?  Platform doors are sliding glass doors at the edge of the subway platforms.  They create a floor to ceiling barrier between the platform and the open tracks.

What for?  They not only provide a safe barrier from people ending up on the tracks, but they also save cooling energy.  By keeping the platforms sealed off from the tunnels when trains are not in the station, hot air cannot fill up the platforms.  Therefore, the stations are kept cooler, and energy is saved.  See what they could look like HERE.

The platform doors are estimated to cost $2 million per station.  However, the cost is made up in energy savings.

Perhaps the 7 line extension will clear the way for doors on the 2nd Avenue line to have the doors as well.

7 thoughts on “And the MTA Said, “Let the subway have doors.”

  1. Yeah I think they can. As it is right now, the trains stop within a foot or so of the same spot every time.

    This week, get on the train at the same spot every day. See how often the doors line up accurately. They’re usually pretty good.

    There might need to be a need to have better onboard technology that allows them to stop more accurately, versus eyeballing it.


  2. The trains can line-up to the doors with precision–ride the 1 downtown to the curved-platform at the South Ferry Station where cordoned-chains are broken up by open intervals. The subway doors line up with the un-chained portions every time.


  3. Don’t see how this saves energy unless you are cooling the subway platforms. Most platforms are not cooled (I think GC is an exception). Please elaborate.


  4. In Europe(but not Asia) platform doors are insisted on for automatic subway trains that have no staff – paris line 14,copenhagen,nuremburg & 10 other cities. Guess whay they plan them for 2nd avenue!


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