Police Shoot and Kill Armed Suspect in Subway. Officer Wounded.

Officer Annmarie Marchiondo NYPD

Crazy story. So crazy it sounds like something out of a movie.

Suspect Juan Calves, 51, was detained by by plainclothes police officers when he and another man were spotted riding between train cars. The officers removed him from the train onto the downtown 4 train at 178th Street in the Bronx.

All of a sudden, Calves allegedly went nuts, and put Officer Annmarie Marchiondo into a headlock. While she struggled to get free, Calves apparently pulled out a stolen 9mm gun and started firing shots at the platform.

The other two officers returned fire, killing Calves. The officers fired 13 shots (here comes Al Sharpton). Officer Marchiondo was shot in the foot, ankle, and just under her bulletproof vest. She is in stable condition.

Why nutcase Calves was on the streets is another issue all together. He’s apparently a career criminal. According to the AP:

Calves was freed on parole from prison two years ago after serving time for manslaughter, robbery, and attempt to promote prison contraband. The manslaughter conviction involved the killing of a fellow prison inmate at Attica Correctional Facility, police said.

That’s a pretty crazy story. The officers must not have had a chance to frisk him yet. They usually don’t do that until they get a suspect off the train.

The truly scary thing is that each one of us probably rides the train with someone like Calves every day. Thanks to our justice system, there are people with manslaughter and multiple other felonies standing right next to us on a crowded train. Maybe they aren’t doing anything wrong…but how are we supposed to know that they aren’t just a ticking time bomb?

(Photo from the NYPD of Officer Marchiondo)

2 thoughts on “Police Shoot and Kill Armed Suspect in Subway. Officer Wounded.

  1. I was on the train earlier this summer and guy and his friend sat next to me. First thing I heard (or I guess when I really started listening) was the friend saying “So, are you going to turn yourself in?” Great, I’ve got a fugitive sitting two inches from me.
    Then the guy sitting next to me continued to explain that he’ll turn himself in eventually, but he’s going to wait til after summer. From previous experiences, jail during the summer months is a bitch. There’s no circulation and it’s about a million degrees inside the cell. But jail during the winter’s not bad. You get a free meal and free rent.
    So…moral of the story, if you ever plan on robbing/raping/vandalizing anybody or their property, do it in the winter because during the summer it’s just not worth it.


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