Friendly Fire in Subway Cop Shooting

So it seems that the NYPD needs to spend a little more time on the firing range working on aim.   Ok, just kidding.

However, it turns out that at least one of the shots Officer Annmarie Marchiondo took the other night came from the gun of another police officer.  The wound her foot was determined to be friendly fire.  It is still unclear if the other two shots came from officers or the suspect they were attempting to take into custody.

Marchiondo was still in the hospital today.

Newsday reports:

After the officers took [Juan] Calves off the train at the 176th Street station and began searching him, he grabbed Marchiondo in a head lock and pulled out a stolen 9mm gun, police said. When she broke free, he opened fire on the other officers; they returned fire and killed him.

Hey, one less crazy, repeat felon on the streets.

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