Subway Murder Suicide

Ohhh the plot thickens.

In the wee hours yesterday morning, you may have heard that 2 train service was all messed up in the Bronx “because of police activity.”  Translation:  Dead guy found on the tracks.  This all happened in the Farms Square-East Tremont Avenue station .

Here’s where this whole thing turns into the next episode of Law & Order…

Police investigators found a small piece of paper on the man with a woman’s name.  So, they decided to get in touch with her hoping that she could possibly identify this guy.  They showed up at her apartment only to find that she had been murdered!  [cue dramatic music]

The police said they were investigating the deaths as a possible case of murder and suicide, but emphasized that they had not definitively linked the man to the woman or to her death. [NT Times]

Mercedes Mesa, 62, of 1050 Anderson Avenue in the Bronx, was found to have been killed due to head injuries. 

The only thing that would make this more dramatic is if they find out that this guy was thrown onto the track by someone else.  Either way, that’s how it will play out on Law & Order in a few months.  Can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “Subway Murder Suicide

  1. Geez, there are seriously some issues with people in this city (world). BTW, funny Law and Order tid bit. Seems that most of their ‘sodes are “ripped from the headlines” anyways.


  2. It’s so odd that the such a horrible situation could be taken so lightly, even with a touch of humor. It’s difficult to determine if this is insincere to the deceased and their families, or if this article is intelligently written.


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