Morning 6 Train Jumper at 77th Street

6_shad.jpgThanks to SUBWAYblogger buddy Todd for alerting us to this.

Early reports indicate that there was a jumper at 77th Street on or near the 6 train that had suspended service in both directions for a period of time.

The NYPD DCPI reports that there does not appear to be any indication that the person was pushed, or that there was any foul play.  Emergency services responded, but the person in question was DOA.

All we know for now.

7 thoughts on “Morning 6 Train Jumper at 77th Street

  1. Where did you get this information from? I was on this train and would like to confirm what actually happened to this man. He was still alive when I got off the train.


  2. In my “day job” I am in the news biz. So I have sources at the NYPD Press Office (aka DCPI).

    You can also just call the press office, and if the info is available, they’ll tell you.

    Police radio traffic went out saying it was a DOA.

    Usually the press does not cover suicides like this because it actually inspires more people to do it. There’s actually people that jump of major bridges on a somewhat regular basis. However, you never hear about it because you don’t want to plant that seed in the mind of someone on the edge already. So unless there is some major twist in the case, you usually dont hear about them.


  3. It was a woman about age 60. She didnt jump. She laid down on the tracks and waited for the train to come. A woman next to me asked her, “what are you doing?” She said “i just want to die.” It was about a minute before the train came. I tried to stop the train by waiving my newspaper at the front of the platform but the motorman just honked the horn at me and ran her over. He didnt hit the brakes in time and 4 cars ran her over. There is sand placed on the area of the tracks where she died to cover the blood. Police said she had ID on her and lived in the area. I called NY Post reporter who said suicides dont get in paper unless person is famous or there is interesting angle.


  4. really sad to read this. what a terrible way to go.

    i wonder what the victim thinks just before the train hit her, as she watches it coming closer and closer and all the horrified on lookers on the platform see the will to live drain from her eyes


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