The 1 Train Sucks Lately

Ok, so the 1 Train has totally sucked for….oooohhh…at least the last week.

Takes forever to come at the peak of rush hour.  The person in charge of the line, or in charge of the dispatch tower must be on vacation this week.  There must be a substitute in there.  Why?

They’ve been using the “skip ahead to other stations” trick way too often.  You know the drill…

You wait on the platform for at least 20 minutes or more.  The over crowded train finally pulls in, and you knock over a few old ladies to get on the train.  Meanwhile, 80% of the people waiting on the platform definitely did not make it onto this train, so you are even more thankful that you made it.

The train pulls away.  It is packed so tight that you don’t even need to old on.  You’re surrounded by puffy, down coats.  If only there weren’t that subtle odor.

You arrive at the first stop since you got on board only to have the “English as a Second Language” door operator try to tell everyone that this local train is about to start running express.  First of all, I’m not that sure they know how to use the intercom.  It’s almost like having your grandmother talk into the wrong end of the phone.  There’s a voice in there, but something just isn’t right.

Then, what you do hear is some sort of randomly organized words.  But you do manage to detect the words “express” “nest stop” “one two five street”…not necessarily in that order.

I’m sure I’m not alone here.

9 thoughts on “The 1 Train Sucks Lately

  1. I generally hate the 1 train just on principle, but i have been loving the skip-stopping lately since i live way up at 215th street.

    I wish they would just bring back the 9 Train and use the unused third track that runs from 103rd all the way up to Van Cordlant Park as an “Upper Manhattan” express train that skips every other stop or something. It would never travel past 96th street either.


  2. The 2/3 has been awful as well, crawling between 96th and Times Sq., like it was while they were doing construction this summer. Blah.


  3. if you read the 2007 State of the Subways Report Card, the 1 was ranked the city’s best line for the first time ever. i think the 1 is pretty cool, even better without the 9


  4. Speaking of bringing in the old lines, I agree with the 9 nine train statements, would be nice to put it to some use. Also, maybe its me being extremely observant, but why is it that everytime the A or C is about to arrive @ bway nassua, the train is always delayed in the tunnel. Same goes for Delancey and 2nd avenue.(F)


  5. i hate the weekend messups. i just happened to me this weekend . the 5 wasnt goin to bowling green and i had to take the 4 till brooklyn bridge to transfer to the 5(which it was its last stop for the 5). and i do agree with the 9 train tingy.


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