Yet Again, 1 Train Makes Me Want to Kill Kittens

So the trend of late for the 1 Train is to do construction or service work in the middle of the damn day.  No no, not on the platforms…on the tracks.

From 10:30 to 3:00 on weekdays, there’s no service on certain sections of the tracks on the Upper West Side.

Lately, I’ve been working on a project at Columbia, so I’m riding up there often.  I usually get up there before 10:30a and leave after 3p.  So I’ve never really noticed the service changes.  Not today though.

I wrapped up my meetings at 11a today, and started to head downtown.  Get to the platform, and there was the hot pink tape.  Blocking the stairs to the platforms.

Now, wouldn’t you expect to see the tape before you walked through the turnstile?  Yeah, me too.  I have an unlimited card so it doesn’t matter, but I would be pissed if I had a pay per ride, and had to go get a refund.

Written there in sharpie marker on white paper was a note from the token booth attendant telling me to walk alllll the way down to 96th Street.  Wonderful.

At least it was something like 75 degrees out today.  If it had been freezing cold or raining, this rant may never have ended.

7 thoughts on “Yet Again, 1 Train Makes Me Want to Kill Kittens

  1. On New Year’s Eve, I rode the subway from Penn Station to East 43 and 8th Avenue. Great Experience. Jubilant crowd, but I was really interested in the train. I like these silver-colored cars. Much different from the trains of the 1970’s. And I was surprised to see it relatively free of graffiti, too. Hats off to you New Yorkers!


  2. Interesting how modern cars will work in the future. Here in Phx., our light rail cars are assembled in ‘pieces” so they won’t be down for maintenance. ie: a part goes out, it goes in to the facility where the piece OR an entire section of car is removed, a new one is slapped on and they will be on their way. They are saying we will have very little “down time.”
    cool blog btw..


  3. Have you hear about the No. 7? They’re shutting down weekday express service from Jan. 12 to Feb. 29 and for at least five weekends. Also, between Woodside/61st and Flushing there will be no service at all. They’ll be providing shuttle buses and free LIRR service.

    Check it out on the MTA site.

    People will be pissed…


  4. bring back the 9!!!! uptowners (anyone above the 96th street threshold) will love it. there is an unused third rail that can be used for skip stop service where applicable and in the direction of rush hour (mornings = downtown, evenings = uptown). the #9 would never travel farther south than 96th street either, thus making the crush between express and local that much less exhausting.

    after 96th, i believe the proposed #9 should first stop at:






    and then terminates at 242 street


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