MTA: “Fellas…where’d that $3 billion go?”

That’s what the MTA is saying these days when they look at the capital improvement budget.  There’s a gaping $3 billion hole smack in the middle of the budget responsible for general repairs and maintenance of the transit system.

Yep.  $3 Billion.  Oops.

“The [CAPITAL] program has some shortfalls in it,” Metropolitan Transportation Authority CEO Elliot Sander said at an agency board meeting. [AMNY]

Uhhh yeah, “shortfall” is an understatement.

While mega-projects like the Second Avenue subway are not affected, the “nitty-gritty” work of station repairs and upgrades, signal replacements, or purchase of new cars could suffer, said MTA spokesman Jeremy Soffin. {AMNY]

You know, just the minor things like repairs, and track signals.  And really, how badly do we really need working brakes?

4 thoughts on “MTA: “Fellas…where’d that $3 billion go?”

  1. I bet MTA big wigs, etc. keep most of money in their pocket! Look at the NYC trains, they are dirty, smelly, every stations have dirty floors, peeling paints, pant-spaying on signs, walls, etc. They did not bother to fix these up! All they want is to profit more money! They are greedy!

    You never believe 99% of charities are honest because they are full of scam, profiting to themselves, etc. The same goes to MTA! Sad!

    USA is screw up in these days! We are suffering in the bad economy!


  2. They weren’t banking on that $3 billion from congestion pricing. The budget would never have been passed with such an assumption.

    Rising construction costs and lower tax revenue caused the gap.

    And stop spamming your links. It’s lame.


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