Ikea Threw Up on the Train

Thank goodness this is not a NYC subway car. However, I’d imagine it can’t be that far behind.

Ikea Train

This little gem is from the Toronto subway system, and I discovered it on this Canuck blog. In a recent advertising move, Ikea launched a campaign up there in Cana-dee-a.

They took over an entire train and decorated each car in “Ikea style” decor. You can see the pictures, if you can stomach it, by clicking here.

How long until that crap shows up on the S train?

6 thoughts on “Ikea Threw Up on the Train

  1. Wouldn’t mind the fun of it in a few cars here and there, but I know they would not last clean or presentable after a month. I’m sure Toronto doesn’t have the amount of traffic we have here.


  2. I stand corrected on the location of the actual train line. Either way though…it creeps me out.

    In NYC, the upholstered seating would be torn up in a heartbeat.

    Remember the airline that transformed the inside of the S train into Italy or something last summer?


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