MTA Transit Store Affiliate Program

The MTA is recruiting websites for their new (?) affiliate marketing system.

If you are a webmaster, they would looooove to pay you 5% for all the sales traffic you send to  That’s right, cash money for selling transit schwag.

Transit Store

Well, we weren’t especially impressed with the program, so you won’t be seeing ads for subway gear here any time soon. A 5% share for low end items and transactions is a bit weak.

Think about the transaction volume.  Let’s say someone gets a nifty subway map necktie for the low low price of $38.00.  That’s $1.90 for you.  Yeah…not that thrilling.  And how huge is the market for subway stuff?

It was nice to be be asked though.  Apparently they have to pay off the actual transit museum because the stuff is under licence.  So that’s the reason for the low commission rate.

Maybe if they had kicked me some snazzy subway cuff links or something, I would have joined.  Maybe.

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