More Craziness: Three Separate People Run Over by Trains

The natives are getting restless folks.  In 3 separate incidents, people found themselves under subway trains.

SUWBAYblogger assumes that they were suicide attempts unless other information is available.  Why?  Isn’t that cold?  Well maybe, but there’s good reason.

The media would report if someone were pushed onto the tracks.  That would be a big story.  If someone had a heart attack and fell accidentally, that would be reported too, but probably not as big.

Suicides, however, are very rarely reported (if ever) due to fear of the mentally unstable that my copy-cat the act.  So when people end up on the tracks, and then you never hear anything about it, it was probably a suicide.

Anyway, there was one incident this morning around 3:45AM at the Beverly Rd Q train station in Brooklyn.  Emergency workers arrived on the scene, but the person was already dead.

Then around 8:30AM, there was another jumper.  This time it was on the uptown 4 train platform at Union Square.  No word on that one, but going to assume there was a death there.

Then just a couple hours ago on the F line at Delancey Street, another person was “confirmed” to be pinned under a train.  The patient was removed in an unknown condition.

So yeah, it’s getting pretty crazy.  Next full moon, I’m just staying home.

10 thoughts on “More Craziness: Three Separate People Run Over by Trains

  1. Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, maybe people are getting spooked. It’s either that, or they can’t take the heat on the platform anymore.


  2. i was in delancey (across the platform the northbound track where he was fell) while they were takin him out. his foot was cut off and you could see it, still inside the shoe, about twenty feet up the tracks.


  3. @Josh: First of all, you’re at Endicott College in Beverly, MA. So your opinion on NYC news carries about as much weight as your junior college education.

    Secondly, if you read the post, you’d know that (again) this kind of stuff doest get published, in most cases, by the main stream media so it wouldnt show up on Google alerts. But thanks for playing.

    Regular readers know that I have plenty of sources, including many in the main stream media. Also, there’s dozens of readers that send me things that they see happen.

    So, Josh, if you’ve got such a problem with this blog, don’t come back. And enjoy riding the T.


  4. Has anyone heard or read about a young man from Eugene, Oregon who died on June 26, 2008 in what our paper mentioned as a “freak” subway accident? I can’t find anything. Thanks, if you know.


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