Beijing Starts Security Checks at All Subway Stations

Beijing Subway X-ray security

In preparation for the summer Olympic games, Beijing has started security checks at all of their subway stations.  No, they aren’t a joke like they are in the NYC subway system.

“It’s just as strict as the airport security checks.” [Source]

They have wands to scan passengers for weapons, and all large bags go through X-ray machines.  Liquids are checked unless the passenger takes a sip from the container.

Compare that to New York City’s methods…the same NYC that is daily terror target every day of the year.  In most cases, it could be weeks before you see any formal security procedures beyond an officer standing around the platform.

The bag inspection system is laughable.  Quick survey, out of the last 50 times you’ve walked by one of the NYPD inpection tables, how many times have you seen someone having their bag inspected?  Maybe 2 or 3? That’s what I thought.

Most of the time, the table is just there for show. They only inspect a handful of people.

After years of riding the subway and carrying a semi large computer bag, I’ve only been inspected once.  I started to open the the bag, and the cop said, “Nahh don’t worry about those [smaller pockets].  Just open the large compartment.”

Ohh…ok.  So those other pockets couldn’t possibly contain anything suspect because the terrorists would never think to hide a biological weapon in the smaller, hidden pockets.  They just use the big one.

Anyway, just another example where the US is falling behind other nations.

7 thoughts on “Beijing Starts Security Checks at All Subway Stations

  1. Um, what? Do you realize how impossible it’d be to scan everyone? Britain’s newest ideas for security in the system would be the best ideal if anything.


  2. you white? Black? The NYPD wont admit it, but they PROFILE. A couple of cops have told me so. If you look like the Taliban, you get examined. If you just look like a Williamsburg hipster soon to be Starbucks manager in Muncie, they leave you alone.


  3. I’ve been stopped by the Police in Grand Central 3 times. All 3 times I had a beard longer than one inch. Before I had the beard and since I’ve shaved it off I have not been stopped.

    My method includes taking the escalator down into the subway at Grand Central at around 6:30 on weekdays. They only watch the escalator. If you don’t want to be stopped in Grand Central take the stairs.


  4. Well. I agree with China. Security Checks is always necessary for the Olympic games. I think all the countries in the world should do the Security Checks everyday to ensure the security so that people can feel more safe and peaceful.


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