9 thoughts on “Russian Girl Gets Smacked in the Face on Subway

  1. What exactly is the “debate” here? These men initiated the confrontation by making an obscene gesture at this woman, and then each of them assaulted her when she gestured back at them. She could have been very seriously injured by being choked through the subway door by the second predator. I hope you’re joking when you put that she “had it coming” as a choice.


  2. The debate was (and what we apparently cant see in the video) was that they were taunting the guy earlier while the train was moving.

    That’s why they were allegedly laughing so hard when the video picked up.

    The denim jacket guys who they were harassing were the ones that got off the train.

    So that’s the back story you may have missed.


  3. Including a poll with “she had it coming” and “what’s the problem” as an option is completely ridiculous. There is no excuse for these men’s behavior. I suggest you remove the poll from this entry.


  4. Yeah, I don’t know how I missed that “back story.” It was so clear from your original post and from the video. Now that I know that the girls were taunting those guys, choking her through a moving train door and slapping her was definitely justified.


  5. imagine women went around hitting (twice!) and fake strangling (as if a dog!) every man that taunted them. give me a break. those women could have said whatever they wanted to. there’s no reason to slap and grab someone like that. those men seem like jerks. and not only uncreative in how they handle conflict–“ugh! some girl said something to me, let me reassert my power on the caveman hiearchy.”–but also weak. it’s weak to hit. and i’m surprised it requires a conversation and a check box survey to know that.


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