It’s the Time of the Year that Con Ed Tells us to Conserve

Well, it’s about that time of the year where Con Ed fully rolls out it’s annual tips for conserving energy.  This year, they’ve blessed us with 100 Tips (by number) for saving electricity.

By the looks of things, they may need us to conserve if their crews walk out on strike, but I digress.

So in these subway ads, they offer little nuggets of wisdom such as:

– Use your air conditioning less
– Don’t open the refrigerator as much
– Only wash your clothes in full loads
– Pay Con Ed using their eBill system (saves them some $$$ too)

    So yeah.  In case you score slightly below retarded intelligence, Con Ed has some genius for you.

    For the rest of us, some mind numbing ads to read when you forget your newspaper.

    3 thoughts on “It’s the Time of the Year that Con Ed Tells us to Conserve

    1. I saw those ads on the subway yesterday and I was bored and only had a few more stops until mine, so I started reading the ads thinking I may learn some great new tips, but, as you pointed out, that was not the case and I was quite disappointed. Con Ed could have conserved by not wasting paper to print those silly ads that are now plastered all over the subway.


    2. Here’s an ad for ya:

      ConEd Tip #103

      “You’d better ask for a raise this summer…

      cuz WE’RE CHARGING YOU! That’s right 50% more!”


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