Striking Similarity or Pink Copycat

You Be the Judge…

Fat People:

Subway Gal and Here
and Here

Subway Gal
SUBWAYblogger and Bums Category

Sleeping on Subway:
Subway Gal

Emergency Exits
Subway Gal

Subway Gal

Fare Increase, Same Crappy Service
Subway Gal

Heat and Air Conditioning
Subway Gal
SUBWAYblogger and Here (same headline) and Here

I mean, I’m just sayin’.  🙂

12 thoughts on “Striking Similarity or Pink Copycat

  1. First of all, thanks for reading my blog! The more people who visit the better. However, while I do see the similarities in some of our posts, I must admit that I never even heard of this blog until after I started mine. The difference between our two blogs is that most of my entries are based on actual experiences that happened to me while yours, whoever you are, are not.

    I enjoy the blog (I even added a link to it in my blog), but if you are going to call me a copycat and hate on me for no reason then please let me know because I will remove your link from my blog and never visit this blog again. Thanks!


  2. Nobody’s “hatin'” on anyone chica.

    And for the record, for the first couple year and a half, SUBWAYblogger was about nothing but personal experiences.

    Homework assignment:

    Now, we add a little more newsy stuff to it and general commentary.

    However, most posts are still written right there on the train while riding to and from work.

    Everyone can play nice in the sandbox. I have no problem with it at all. Most fans know where to find the original 😉


  3. Yo,–

    Thanks for not making your website pink, or having an atrocious typeface. Or mentioning Britney Spears.


  4. Its been so long since I’ve had anything remotely interesting to write or complain about or make fun of. Thanks “Subwaygal”.

    Oh – and who wants a link from a blogspot blog anyway…? egh.

    And SEO – Blogspot? really? lol


  5. it must suck to be copied and even worse to be copied s poorly. don’t you have any rights? I would also like to thank you for not blogging about nickelback songs….


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