Dropped like a sack of taters

Today I witnessed probably one of the coolest things I think I’ve seen on the subway to date.

There was a small group of teenage kids standing just outside the turnstiles.  You could tell just by looking at them that they were up to no good.

Couldn’t really tell how old they were.  I’m guessing they were about 14 or 15 years old.  They were all pretty tall.  One was probably 6 feet tall.  But they looked young.  Really lanky.  Frankly, it was almost comical because they were really tall, super skinny, but had huuuuuuuuuge baggy pants and hoodies on.  Like all three of them could have fit into the same pair of pants at the same time.

Anyway, one of them made a dash for it to skip out on the fare and hop the turnstile.  They didn’t realize that leaning against the wall was a cop, just out of their view.

The cop ran over just as the second one was going over.  Both of the kid’s feet were in mid air when the cop went two hands on.  He snatched him out of mid air and in one clean motion dropped him chest first onto the ground.  It was amazing.

The kid that made it over already took off running.  The other kid who had not yet attempted the jump took off out of the station.  So two got away, but the look on their faces was priceless.

Cuffs on.  Game over.

4 thoughts on “Dropped like a sack of taters

  1. Wow a transit cop actually doing something other than hiding in the towers and crew rooms throughout the system lounging taking up a couple of seats while actual employees have no where to sit before having to get back on there trains and take millions of people where they need to go. I’m shocked.


  2. Excellent, well worth the smile on my face, I once witness some one jump clear over the gates at a station, but they miscalculated the height of the ceiling, smacked his head off it and ended up on the back in the middle of the ticket hall groaning, what was nice was that the Policeman who witnessed it asked if he was ok and then arrested him.

    So it goes on over our side of the pond too.


  3. I was in Virginia Beach a few months ago and a local told me they had a face recognition system that could tell if a driver went down Atlantic Street twice during an hour… it used to be a drag strip decades ago. With 16,000 cameras installed in Shanghi for police to remotely monitor crime I wonder why we don’t have some systems in place to automatically bag turnstyle jumpers and purse snatchers in the subway.


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