Demand Action on MTA Budget Failures

Please excuse this brief public service announcement.  It’s time the MTA officials get off their asses and solve the MTA budget crisis.  It has been sitting around not getting fixed for way too long.

Your readers have already read all about MTA’s budget meltdown and the possibility of drastic fare hikes accompanied by severe cuts to bus and train service.  But have they heard what they can do about it?

On November 19th, the Campaign for New York’s Future is organizing Keep New York Moving Day. We’ll have volunteers at subway stations throughout the city, asking commuters to sign giant postcards to local leaders, telling them that now’s the time to invest in transit.

We need your help getting everyone’s attention, so our decision makers take action and save New York from our transportation crisis. Unless our leaders take immediate action, the MTA’s severe budget shortfall could soon lead to fewer trains, cuts to bus service, and double-digit fare hikes.

You and your readers can click here to find out what they can do to help Keep New York Moving and send a message urging our leaders to take action at We’ll deliver the signatures on November 20th, when the MTA is holding a decisive meeting about the transit system’s desperate financial crisis.

Please feel free to also write with any questions or concerns,

Matt Derby,

On behalf of The Campaign for New York’s Future

4 thoughts on “Demand Action on MTA Budget Failures

  1. The Governor should open the MTA BOOKS and find out where the money is going. The MTA board is a disgrace and has been fleecing NEW YORKERS for far too long.


  2. I want to know what the MTA has been spending money on thus far from the last fare increase. We straphangers are not seeing enough visible improvements. Just more and more inconveniences and service delays. Their books need to be audited before any fare hike proposals are considered.


  3. I am a resident of eastern queens, and public transportation is the #1 way for me to get into Manhattan, Brooklyn. I believe the MTA has their priorities all mixed up. I use the “F” train, and the “E” train, and the service is decent on these trains, but they’re nothing like the “L” train in comfort. Why are we still riding these old trains? What about the new-style trains (like the 4-5-6-L?)
    Also…there are some busses in queens, that have awesome routes. Like the Q54, which takes you from jamaica, to willamsburg, and the Q60, which will bring you into the east side of Manhattan. These busses are faster and easier than dealing with the trains.
    I am still trying to adjust with the $2/fare. It’s hard for me to afford $81/month for the unlimited metro card. Is it suppose to go up to $100??
    About two or three years ago, during the busiest times of the year, leading up to Christmas and new years, the MTA had a strike, shutting down all public transportation . Why can’t the public have a vote? This is just ridiculous! Put a fare on the Queens-boro, Willamsburg-Manhattan-Brooklyn Bridge, just like there is one for the Throgs NEck and Whitestone Bridges!!!


  4. The problem with tolling the bridges is that they would STILL need money!!!! Wake up.. this is just another attempt at congestion pricing… Do you know how much money it will take to implement tolls at those crossings.. and the upkeep of the system? Please… dont fall for the misinformation.. the truth is in the details they dont give! Remember… this is NYC… not London! Very big difference!!
    The MTA needs to get a grip on its payroll first!!! 6.2 billion dollars in 2007 in payroll alone! While they took in 5.7 billion from fares and tolls. Sounds like someone needs to lose some weight. So .. raise the fares and put more tolls and how long would it take to get in the black??? not long i would say. And what would happen to the extra money? Capital improvements they say. But are they talking about the same improvements that take forever to implement. The second ave subway line? Personally .. that should have taken priority over all others… the congestion on the 456 lines is awful!! It should have been finished years ago! Oh yeah .. we really needed a new monorail train to Laguardia Airport. It’s the projects that help only a few that should be put off.. i think its time for the city to take a new look at how the MTA is run.


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