Peace Out W and Z Lines

Due to a complete cluster f*ck of the MTA financial systems, the Daily News reports that the MTA has drawn up plans to shut down the W and Z lines as well as turn the J into a local train.

These plans are not official, but they seem like they’ll have to be put into place.

Additionally, as many as 1,500 jobs could be cut, overnight waiting times up to 30 minutes, and a fare hike making a single ride $3.00 seems to be right around the corner.

Here lies the problem.  The MTA is a bureaucracy controlled by the State up in Albany that really only impacts the lives of people in New York City.  (Yes, I know the MTA runs services in the burbs such as buses, etc.  But I’m concentrating in the bulk of the issues which are here in the city.)

So there really isn’t enough outrage on behalf of the citizens of New York.  For example, people living in Utica, NY could give a crap if the subway runs on time, or if the W and Z lines continue to be around.  So they aren’t going to say anything.  Actually, they’re probably against financial support of the MTA because it has nothing do do with them really.

Mark my words, major sh*t is about to go down.

5 thoughts on “Peace Out W and Z Lines

  1. I thought about these service cuts when I wedged myself into two different trains this morning. Yeah, cutting service on an already over-taxed system makes total sense…


  2. I am so tired of the MTA crying broke when they mismanage the budget oh and we shouldn’t forget that they had two sets of books and were caught cooking the books! What is the matter with New Yorkers and basically everyone in the Tri-State? I would like to know what is the ceiling the MTA has to reach before people join together and force the MTA to get it together. We all complained when they raised the fair to $2 and increased unfairs on the different Metrocards. The samething is going to happen like always we complain have hearings and meetings and the MTA will do what they want raise the fare cut services all around, and this time lay people off. The MTA is slipping back into the dark ages of the 1970s and 1980s when people were disgusted riding the trains. The MTA are a bunch of crooks and they are bleeding our pockets. This is not the time to raise anything!!!!


  3. This budget plan stinks. I have an idea that may sound crazy but if there ever was a time to discuss it, its now. Ok so the MTA wants to cut the W line to save money. What if it sold the W line? Most of the subway was built by private enterprises of wealthy NYers in the late 1800s what would be so wrong with selling a line you were going to do away with anyway? MTA could require the purchaser to have MTA manage the line and all employees would have to be rehired by a joint effort between the MTA and the private company.

    Selling the line would not only cut cost for the MTA but bring in $$. The big picture of where this city can and should be in the next 5-10 years cannot afford to be overlooked by cutting mass transit. First we cant get the congestion pricing taken care of now we actually make mass transit worse. We should get a big sign like in Reno,NV except our should say “Welcome to NY, the dumbest big city in the world”

    Just a thought, what do you all think?


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