Subway Crush Facilitates Subway Lovin’

Remember that guy that saw a girl on the subway and fell in love with her immediately? Or perhaps you remember feeling a little nauseous when you read the story. Logo

Well now there’s a brand new site that allows you to get stalked find your missed subway love connection. is a new site that simply allows you to post a quick note about the person you saw in hopes that maybe they will see it and respond.

The little post lines remind me of a Twitter thread. They are just quick one-liners. However, in this case, they are organized by subway line.

It’s an interesting concept. Already has a few dozen posts.


Remember when we discussed the 1,944 people who saw something and said something? Yeah, well this guy took it personally.

He claims to call the reporting hotline 3 to 4 times a day! Psycho!

Who does that? You’re not helping anything. When you call that often, you know they hang up the phone and brush you off. As a matter of fact, you’re probably on the watch list now because they think you’re a nutcase.

When they hang up the phone, they must say, “Oh it was just crazy Alan again.”

Get a grip dude.

The Idiots Just Never Stop

Back in mid October, we did the story about a subway surfer that died up around 155th Street. Read the original story here.

At the time, witnesses said they saw Benjamin Brooks, 23, subway surfing, he fell, and was killed.

Well, now Brooks’ sister is writing in to comment. She says we should lay off, it was a tragedy, and he was just “…riding to get in the cart.” Here’s what she says:

benjimin was never pushed nor was he train surfing…..hes was riding to get in the cart…..before you make any judgement get your fActs straight because this was a tradgedy……plus people die doing all types of risky hobbies….so leave my brother alone and allow him to rest in peace!!!!!!!!!

Ok, first of all, what the hell does “riding to get in the cart” mean? Was he riding on the roof, hoping to get inside?

Secondly, look at date this was first published. It was published before the official results were published.

Third, I clearly said:

If it turns out that the kid accidentally fell off an overpass, onto the top of the train, and then surfed it downtown, I will retract my statement.

Fourth, people that were actually there said they saw him on top of the train. Those are called witnesses. I’m gonna go with no. Were you there?

Fifth, let’s look at those “facts” you say I need to get straight. Here’s what the New York Times published the next day:

But yesterday, the police said that it appeared that the dead man, Benjamin Brooks, 23, had simply missed a southbound C train at 155th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue in Harlem around 6:30 p.m. His friends were already inside, the authorities said, so Mr. Brooks apparently decided to hang by his fingers, and balance by his feet, from the outside of the car’s door.

When the train entered the tunnel between 155th and 145th Streets, Mr. Brooks, who had been living at a homeless shelter in Harlem, was apparently shorn from its side, the authorities said.

Well well well. It seems that your brother was just as dumb as suspected. Instead of just catching the next train, or waiting for his friends to get off the next stop and come back, your brother decided to cling onto the outside of the train like Spider Man. Only, he doesn’t have super powers.

Remember this video, and how appalled we all were? Yeah, this is the kind of thing your brother did.

So yeah, my judgment was was pretty accurate. I was wrong, he wasn’t surfing on top of the train. He was just voluntarily clinging to the side of it.

I’m sorry, this wasn’t a tragedy. This was an someone doing something that any normal person knows would get them killed. Just because it did get him killed doesn’t mean it was a tragedy. If I decide to lay down in the middle of the Lincoln Tunnel to take a nap and get run over, that is not a tragedy.

It would be a tragedy if someone was severely hurt inside the train when they had to slam on the brakes when they realized he was shorn from the side of the train. It would be a tragedy if a rescue worker was killed trying to save his life. However, your brother getting killed, while sad, was exactly the outcome that should be expected when someone does something that stupid. Oh, and by the way, riding outside the train is also illegal, so that makes the situation a crime too.

Surf the Web — Not the Train


Words of wisdom from the MTA that escaped some dude recently.

AMNY Tracker reports that today’s morning Q train snafu was due to a subway surfer.  No, not some idiot riding inside the train pretending to surf down the middle of the isle.  No, instead it is usually a rider on top of (as in the outside) the train or clinging to the side.

This practice is discouraged, hence the MTA Subchat campaign pictured above.

Who in the hell would actually do something like that?  Well, just last month, SUBWAYblogger posted a video clip of an entire train’s worth of idiots riding on the outside of the train.  Of course, that was a different country, but you get he point.

It took 45 minutes to get the guy off the top of the Q train which stopped between stations.  If I were stuck on that train, it wouldn’t have mattered if the guy got off alive because I would absolutely killed him anyway.  He would have had a better shot at surviving the trip on the roof.

“It’s happened before and usually when it happens, the person gets killed,” said Transit spokesman Charles Seaton.

Uhhh…yeah.  No shock there.

For that matter, do kids that live in New York have any right to complain about being bored?  I mean are these kids that bored out of their minds that they have to train surf for entertainment?  You essentially live at the center of the modern universe, yet you cant find anything better to do with you time than this kind of crap?

Police Shoot and Kill Armed Suspect in Subway. Officer Wounded.

Officer Annmarie Marchiondo NYPD

Crazy story. So crazy it sounds like something out of a movie.

Suspect Juan Calves, 51, was detained by by plainclothes police officers when he and another man were spotted riding between train cars. The officers removed him from the train onto the downtown 4 train at 178th Street in the Bronx.

All of a sudden, Calves allegedly went nuts, and put Officer Annmarie Marchiondo into a headlock. While she struggled to get free, Calves apparently pulled out a stolen 9mm gun and started firing shots at the platform.

The other two officers returned fire, killing Calves. The officers fired 13 shots (here comes Al Sharpton). Officer Marchiondo was shot in the foot, ankle, and just under her bulletproof vest. She is in stable condition.

Why nutcase Calves was on the streets is another issue all together. He’s apparently a career criminal. According to the AP:

Calves was freed on parole from prison two years ago after serving time for manslaughter, robbery, and attempt to promote prison contraband. The manslaughter conviction involved the killing of a fellow prison inmate at Attica Correctional Facility, police said.

That’s a pretty crazy story. The officers must not have had a chance to frisk him yet. They usually don’t do that until they get a suspect off the train.

The truly scary thing is that each one of us probably rides the train with someone like Calves every day. Thanks to our justice system, there are people with manslaughter and multiple other felonies standing right next to us on a crowded train. Maybe they aren’t doing anything wrong…but how are we supposed to know that they aren’t just a ticking time bomb?

(Photo from the NYPD of Officer Marchiondo)

And I thought I’ve seen some strange sh*t

I saw this posted on a group board in Facebook.  The question:  What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on the subway?  Here was one guy’s answer…

I saw:

1. An Eastern European man get beatdown by a bunch of teenagers on the N train for yelling racial epithets at them just for playing their stereo.

2. A handpuppet play that took up the whole car.

3. A man with a bag full of chihuahuas in a car full of happy on-looking Mexicans.

If you take the train everyday you’re bound to see something!

OMG!!!!! One of the most shocking subway videos ever

Ok, you haaaaaaaave to watch this video. Stop whatever you are doing, and watch this clip. It is simply astonishing!!  This is the subway in Mumbai:



Is that not the craziest shit you’ve ever seen?!?!  What’s even scarier is that’s how our subways are going to be in the next 3 years.  And people will still keep riding.

How insane is it that they don’t even bother closing the doors?  You can see that some of them try to close, but the train just pulls away.  It’s even funnier that the train cars are organized by sex.  I was wondering why those guys were climbing on there like spider monkeys when the next train seemed much less crowded.

I wonder why the trains even stop?  If they’re going to ride like that, the trains should just slow down and let people bail off.  It would probably save some significant travel time.  Then, new riders can dive to get on the train.

WOW…I’m gonna go watch it again.