Posted on September 29th, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Live Blogging On the Subway, This just in

I was out and about town on business today, and I found myself heading for the Columbus Circle station. Just as I arrived, so did 5 FDNY trucks.
Only about half of the trucks actually had their fire fighters get out. That’s usually a sign that there’s nothing major going on.
I followed right behind a crew [...]

It is no wonder suicide rates spike during the winter months. The darkness can get a little depressing.
You go into the subway in the morning, and it’s dark. You come out of the subway at your destination…still dark. Leave work at the end of the day, aaaaand it’s dark again. Hopefully you have a window [...]

Talk about bad luck. I just got into a subway car and there was no air conditioning. With cat like speed I darted out an got into the next car. No air in their either!
A train car without air conditioning is like walking into hot death. I don’t know how people managed to ride the [...]

I can’t believe what my ears are hearing…an understandable door operator on the subway car PA system!
She’s not only understandable, but very professional sounding. It is as if she should be doing professional voiceovers.
Also, she seems to have actual useful information! I know, I am as shocked as you are.
Instead of just saying “there’s another [...]

SUBWAYblogger has observed that there are two types of subway riders:
People who wait at the edge of the platform and people that stand against the wall.
We’ve all seen them. There’s the people that always need to stand on the bright yellow part of the platform…right at the edge. They are always looking down the tracks [...]

Someone should let teenage guys with long hair know that they look gay. If they are gay, then I guess everything is cool. Otherwise, get your ass to SuperCuts.
If your hair covers your ears, you are the ones I am talking about. Take a look at some old Hanson videos. Do those fellas look [...]

From a SUBWAYblogger reader: 
I just found your site and I’m psyched.  I’ve done a search and can’t find a post on this, but I’ve had, for years, a burning question about the subway. I’ve asked everyone I know ­ guys and girls ­ and no one has come up with anything resembling a workable  answer.
Question:  [...]

Now that the colleges are back in full swing, you notice lots of lost students in the system.
During the week, for the most part, they seem to have their act together. They’ve figured out how to get to class via subway, so they don’t often get lost. On Thursday and Friday nights, however, you [...]

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