And you thought that ditch between the rails was there to collect water and muck (pictured here).  Well, you should also know it is there to save your life.
An unidentified man fell onto the tracks today at Delancey Street while waiting for the F train.  Luckily he fell in a way which allowed his body [...]

An escalator can never break. It can only become stairs. You would never see an “Escalator Temporarily Out Of Order” sign, just “Escalator Temporarily Stairs. Sorry for the convenience.”  – Comedian Mitch Hedberg
The late Mitch Hedberg had it right.
I wanted to write a post about the ridiculous state of the subway auxiliary services.  Unfortunately, it [...]

In West Coast subway news, the LA subway is adding these LED ad strips to their tunnels to generate revenue.
The LED strip ads light up as the train passes by, and creates an animated 15 second ad.  Play this video to see them in action.
You may have seen ads like these on the PATH train.  [...]

Can we all agree that the quality of subway advertisments has gone downhill the past few months?
SUBWAYblogger especially hates the Downtown Podiatry ads. You know these?
They are the ads with photos of feet including hammertoes, blisters, bunions, etc. And the graphics look like they were done in 1983.
Yeah. GROSS.
The last thing I [...]

So I have a new favorite spot to ride the train, but it is a tough spot to get.
I like to stand right on the very end of the train by the door that leads from one train car to another. I find that you can get lean on the door a little and [...]

I must say, I had excellent subway timing today. It has been a really, really long time since I got to the platform and walked right onto the train both times today.
There was no waiting whatsoever for me today. I got to work early, and got home ahead of schedule.
I’m always a little [...]

As if we don’t have enough things to dodge in the subway, like homeless bums. Now we have to watch out for bed bugs.
“…reported seeing the bugs on wooden benches at the Union Square and Fordham Road stations in Manhattan and The Bronx, respectively.”
I generally avoid sitting on those gross wooden benches on the platform, [...]

The $1 billion deal for the Hudson Rail Yards development project is all of a sudden DEAD.
The deal fell through at some point late Thursday.  Apparently…
“…an “impasse” over zoning and the timing of payments, the rail yards’ owner said Thursday.” [Newsday]
So a big failing grade for the rail yard, as Gothamist puts it.  See their [...]

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