At least I did not have to kill anyone

When it takes 4 trains going by before you can get on one, you know it is going to be a long day.

A broken rail at the 28th Street station threw thousands od us for a loop this morning. Trains were being redirected all over the place.

As a result, there were no trains at my staion for over 20 minutes. When the trains finally did start to come, they were already at capacity. People further up the line already had filled the train. By the time it reached me, only 3 more people could fit into each car. 3 more people out of a couple thousand waiting on the platform.

A train pulls up. A handful squeeze on. Another train pulls up, a couple more get on. I finally made it onto the 5th train.

I love how people show up on the platform and think they are going to get on the train before you when you have already been there 30 minutes. Back of the line pal!

One woman finally got shoved off the train because her ass was litterally blocking the doors. They kept closing, and her butt was so big that it got stuck. Finally, a guy gave her a hip check which made her step out. Then the doors closed with no problem.

Again, I say when one of your ass cheeks weighs more than a 12 year old, you should have to pay double or tripple the fare. The MetroCard machines should have scales in front of them. Pay by the pound!

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

4 thoughts on “At least I did not have to kill anyone

  1. I think the weight comments are unfair. Would you say the same thing if by some chance a skinny person couldn’t make it on due to her backpack or true lack of space for anyone?

    If being around big people is such a problem, I suggest driving to where you have to go. Most of NYC is technically overweight so either get used to it or drive.


  2. Someone sounds like a fatty ^^^^^.

    The bookbag guy is just as likely to have me kick him off the train. They there are the scrawny ass dudes with the huuuuge down jackets who take up the whole doorway they insist on standing in.


  3. I know how you feel. The trains to Amsterdam have been messed up for the past few days and as a result have been very packed. Thanks to a time table mix up today I even ended up going in the wrong direction.


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