The cold is back and there is a stabbing on the “J” train

How’s that for a badly written headline?

Getting the formal business out of the way, there has been a stabbing on the J train. A 15 year old was involved. That’s all SUBWAYblogger caught before hitting the streets to head home. We will have an update later tonight.

Otherwise, the cold is quite the smack in the face, huh. The funny part is that is really isn’t that cold! It’s just a hell of a lot colder that it has been the last few days. Going from 73 degrees to 43 degrees in a day is a bit of a shock.

The subway had been empty during the warm snap. I guess many people just decided to walk instead!

Now things are getting back to normal, and the volume on the train is back to its normal “pack.”

All for now, and a follow up on the stabbing in the near future.

Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

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