19 Year Old Shot in Queens Subway Station


Jose Sierra, 19, was shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses say that they heard multiple shots, then saw Sierra laying on the ground with a large hole in his head.

Hopefully, the token booth clerk wasn’t asleep (like this woman) (and this guy) (and this guy) (and this guy) (and this guy) (and don’t forget this guy). WOW. I’m a little nauseous now after seeing all those TWU bastards sleeping on the job. They should be stripped of the union raise that is just handed to them, and it should be given to other workers that actually manage to stay AWAKE during their shift.

Police have no suspects but are looking for some people that were seen running from the scene. No arrests have been made.

This makes us wonder if there was a camera in that station. Wouldn’t you think that there should be a camera at every subway entrance/exit? Is that asking too much? That way, if a crime happens, you know you are going to catch the suspect on film when they enter or exit the station.

This whole topic is just making me too pissed off.

7 thoughts on “19 Year Old Shot in Queens Subway Station

  1. Broadway station is my stop. I work the night shift, and I’ve never seen any of the MTA employees sleeping in the year and a half I’ve been on nights.

    There is a camera in the booth, but the articles are slightly misleading as to where the shooting occured. It was I believe, inside the turnstiles on the south side of the tracks. It’s in view of the booth, but out of the range where the ticket agent could really do anything.

    In any case, it’s super frightening.


  2. Well, I dont think it’s a question about whether or not it happens. Clearly the photos show that your colleagues fall asleep.

    Interesting info about the camera positions though.

    Aren’t the booths bullet proof?


  3. Aah, I seem to have misrepresented myself a bit. Please allow me to clean up a bit:

    I live in Astoria, and use Broadway most frequently when going to/from work. My job is night hours, and during my travels home, I’ve never seen an agent at the Broadway station sleeping on the job. I’m certainly not suggesting that MTA employees don’t sleep, I’ve seen that before, just never at Broadway.

    Everything else is just observation. The camera is pointed directly at the customer in front of the booth, and I think is aimed to capture any money changing hands. I believe the glass is bullet proofed, but since I’m not actually involved with the MTA, I can’t say for sure.

    Sorry for the confusion!


  4. I take this stop every day, and come home late at night often, so this is sort of scary news. I was in the station after they had cleaned up the mess and re-opened, and it smelled like chlorine/cleaning solution, etc. and I knew something had happened (then I checked the news) Shocking stuff.

    Anybody know anything besides what the news has said? No motive makes it so scary. I’d rather know there was a motive so I can feel a bit safer at the station.


  5. WOW!, I see you don’t miss any chance you get to bash us BASTARDS. Perhaps it was the token clerk who shot him. And I suppose you are 100% productive 100% of the time you are at work, RIGHT? I may be a BASTARD but you are an @$$hole!


  6. Tom McManus, you have got to be fucking kidding me!

    100% productive 100% of the time? Are you serious?

    Maybe I’m not 100%, but I am FUCKING AWAKE!

    Yeah, and I do bash people who support unions that hold the city hostage while striking, only to then fall asleep on the job.

    Get a grip on reality here.

    If you manage to stay awake for your whole shift, do you expect some sort of bonus or something? Gold star for you then! You must be one of the good ones.

    If you actually READ, you might have seen this:

    They should be stripped of the union raise that is just handed to them, and it should be given to other workers that actually manage to stay AWAKE during their shift.

    Maybe you MISSED that part where I said your idiot coworkers that cant do their job right should be stripped of their raises, and given to the workers that do their job correctly.

    I cannot even believe that you are trying to defend people that are litterally caught sleeping on the job. I was able to find 6 different photos online of transit workers sleeping on the job, and I didnt even look that hard! How many more are out there on the web? How many more don’t even get photographed?


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