“Courtesy is contagious…”

“…and it starts with you go f**k yourself.”

On the newer trains (like the 2 train), they’ve added some more public service announcements.  They aren’t especially new, but they seem to be playing them a lot more, and they’re starting to piss SUBWAYblogger off.

For the longest time, you only had a couple basic announcements from the voice in the ceiling.

“Backpacks and other large containers are subject to random search by the police.”

“Please do not block the doors while the train is in the station.”

“If you see a suspicious package or activity, do not keep it to yourself.  Tell a police officer or an MTA employee.”

Those pretty much summed it up for years.

Now there’s these obnoxious ones that say, “If you see an elderly, pregnant, or handicap person near you offer your seat.  You’ll be standing up for what’s right (pun intended).  Courtesy is contagious and it starts with you.”

First of all, lay off the “jokes.”  Standing up for what’s right?  Hey here’s an idea.  You hire staff that knows how to speak English when using the PA system.  That sounds “right” to me.  It’s not to much to ask to be able to hear and understand the more critical announcements.

If you want to stand up so that Mrs. Preggers or Grandma can sit down, fine.  If you don’t, who cares.  That’s life.  We don’t need you’re little reminders.

It’s almost as infuriating as President Obama having to hold a press conference to remind people to wash their hands in order to avoid swine flu.

Gents, let’s just stick to running the trains.

Your thoughts?

4 thoughts on ““Courtesy is contagious…”

  1. I never, ever hear those announcements since I’m too busy drowning out the noise of all the people around me who don’t quite get that the ride home is QUIET TIME.

    If there is an important announcement my Spidey Sense tells me so by the discomforted reaction of all the people around me.


  2. This is why I am thankful that the subway line that I spend most of my time on is the D train, so I don’t typically have to here a automated voice telling me where I’m going every 5 and a half seconds, which makes the ride more enjoyable. I do find that very annoying though on lines such as the 4 which I also take sometimes. On top of frequent announcements, I find that the system also cuts itself off, so it doesn’t even finish its current announcement before it goes to the next one. (probably just the conductor wanting to get on the move)


  3. i’m glad that Obama made that comment about covering up your mouth when you cough and sneeze. so many people are just clueless as to how to conduct themselves in public, and they do need to be reminded.

    as for the announcement about offering your seat to a pregnant woman or elderly person, it’s a good reminder that needed to be said; it’s no different than the “see something, say something”. i see mostly women offering up their seats to those who need them. there are some men who do the gentlemanly thing but i’ve witnessed more women who are selfless.

    and people should care whether a pregnant woman or an elderly person is left standing. the ones who don’t care are able bodied men and self-centered girls who don’t have a clue as to what it is like to be pregnant or what it’s like to be old and feeble.

    commuting on public transportation could be a little more pleasant if commuters were a little more courteous with each other. simple stuff like stand out of the way of the doors so others can board. don’t put your bags on the seats. cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. offer your seat to a pregnant woman or elderly person or disabled person.

    it is a sad state of affairs for society to forget about being courteous to others.


  4. I’ve never seen a woman give up her seat, for anyone elderly, pregnant or injured. And only young men like me giving up their seat. Everyone else is DIScourteous imo.


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