New MTA Security Ads

Oh the “See Something, Say Something” lameness continues.  The MTA has some new security ads out.

We took the three of them and strung them together.  They show unattended bags, with no voiceover.  Then shows the tip line phone number.  That’s it.  For some reason, the sound didn’t work when I put them together.  Just imagine the sounds of the subway.

So yeah.  I’m hoping they had interns make these, and didn’t actually pay anyone to make them.  What a joke.

NYC Sound Tracks Season Finale

Who’s the best Subway musician?  Guess we’ll find out tomorrow at 8pm when the finalists perform again.

Kind of funny that this show might launch someone’s career out of the subway.  Like they would ever go back to playing on the platform after this…haha.

Watch it on MSG.

Keith Urban Performs in Columbus Circle

On my way home today, I checked out what I had predicted to be insanity in Columbus Circle…the NFL Kickoff show.  I shot this quick clip of Keith Urban performing on stage.

I didn’t stick around long.

Shockingly, the subway was not at all busy.  This morning, I asked a transit cop if the entrances would be closed.  He said yes, but they were all open when I got there.

I didn’t stick around for Usher’s performance, so maybe it got more crowded then.  Overall, wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Anyone have some Double Mint gum?

A funny improv mob hit the 6 train to create the human mirror.

Fifteen sets of twins, dressed identically, boarded a train and sat directly across from each other.  They mimicked each other’s every move.  They then waited for people on the train to notice the real life human mirror, then taped their reactions.

Pretty funny.  That would be pretty freaky to see in person.  I would probably have stood there for five minutes or more before realizing it.  The whole time though knowing that “something is strange here…but I can’t quite put my finger in it.”

Sweet Child O’ Mine, Subway Style

In other musical news today, have you ever seen this guy?  He’s awesome.

He has a synthesiser on his violin or something that makes it sound sort of like an electric guitar.  So it’s like a hard rock hairband with a fiddle.

Axl would be so proud.

Ok, we promise no more subway music for a while.

NPR Wants Your Vote for Favorite Subway Performer

A few days ago, we blogged about the Music Underground Program and the video that the NY Times posted.

Now, NPR is taking the idea in another direction.  They chose their favorite four musicians (out of 50) and posted clips on their site.  Now, they want you to go vote for your favorite.  The mini contest is part of the Bryant Park Project.

Go check them out and vote.  Maybe you’ll see them sometime during your commute this summer.

Subway Idol Auditions

The New York Times has really stepped up its online video mojo.  I haven’t looked at any of their vids in a long time, but today one caught my eye called “Subway Idol.”

It is a very well produced story or mini documentary about a musician auditioning for Music Under New York, a program that funds and supports subway musicians.  Personally, I think it would have been in the MTA’s best interest to give SUBWAYblogger a shout about the auditions for a little publicity, but that’s just me.

The program itself has been around for a few years now and has grown to receive over 50 auditions, held in Grand Central Terminal.

Watch the video here.  Very interesting if you are a subway music fan.