The MTA is totally pissed that the City Health Department is planning to release subway themed condoms.  For that matter, they aren’t sure if that is even legally allowed since the “brand” belongs to the MTA.  As you may recall, the city wants to release “fun” NYC rubbers for free to help combat the city’s [...]

Ok, SUBWAYblogger admits that we almost took a digger coming down the subway stairs this morning.
I guess the station agent didn’t get around to salting the steps because they were coated end to end in ice. Not just a little slippery spot, the whole thing.
SUBWAYblogger wasn’t the only one either. A guy behind [...]


Posted on January 30th, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in Live Blogging On the Subway

Is it kosher to read Playboy on the subway?
The guy standing across from me thinks so. Sort of an odd publication to read in public, no?
He must be “reading it for the articles” while he’s on the train.
Live from the subway, back to you in studio…

So there’s a sign on the trains that says having an illegal handgun carries a minimum penalty of three and a half years in prison.
Shouldn’t that sign be outside the subway?
At this point, if you’re packin’ heat on the train and then read the sign, isn’t it a little too late?
Ok so [...]

So this girl just ran to get on the train as the doors were closing. She made it in, but her bag got stuck in the doors. Happens every day, right?  Well never like this.
She had (has) a laptop computer in the bag. The bag itself is nothing more that a canvas type tote bag. [...]

Baby Gap

Posted on January 29th, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in Live Blogging On the Subway

So I just saw a child fall in the gap between the train and the platform. The nanny and a stranger caught the kid before she slipped down, but it was scary still.
The little girl is about 3 or 4 years old. She fell up to her waist. The nanny had one arm already, and [...]

City Sponsored Shagging

Posted on January 27th, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in This just in, Weekend

Available soon from City Hall: an official New York condom in a jazzy wrapper, perhaps one printed with a colorful subway map or some other city theme.
That’s right, the city rubber is almost here.  We blogged about it a few weeks back, and honestly forgot all about it.  Heck, who thought it would actually happen.  [...]


Posted on January 26th, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in Live Blogging On the Subway

If someone sees my left ear on the platform, please mail it back to me. It’s so cold that my ear fell off and I have no idea where it is.
In the words of Lewis Black, “FUCK it’s cold!”
The subway entrance is like a oasis in a frozen tundra. You actually find yourself counting steps [...]

Flash Back


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