Well, there’s no crazies on the train this morning…at least that I am aware of. And I didn’t see anything out of the ordinarty either.
So that’s usually when I start to look around the train a little carefully. The subway billboard ads are where I look first.
I’ve seen the School of Visual [...]

They are handing out free gum samples at the entrances to the subway today.  At first, it’s like “Ooo…free goodies!”  Then you realize, “Wait, am I taking candy from a stranger?”
Stride Gum.  Flavor:  Winterblue.  This is the most ghetto looking gum packaging I’ve seen.  Honestly, I thought it might be a gag.  It was a [...]

I’m standing near the tallest man I have ever seen! How he rides the train is amazing to me.
He’s so tall that his shoulders touch the ceiling just inside the doors. He doesn’t just have to bend is neck a little to avoid hitting his head. He has to all out bend [...]

Just about every outfit you see on the subway is a “fashion don’t.” Did you ever find yourself riding the train wondering if you are the only normal looking one on board?
In the winter, it’s cold. People just look like idiots because they are wearing whatever they can to stay warm. In the summer [...]

This weekend, New Yorkers saw their first run of hot weather. It wasn’t even that hot, but it was enough to break a good sweat.
It makes SUBWAYblogger dread the first true heatwave. You know it’s coming, and it just sucks to think about it mostly because of the dreadful heat in the subway.
The [...]

New Digs!

Posted on May 29th, 2007 by The SUBWAYblogger in This just in

Ehh ehh…how ’bout this? Not too shabby, huh.
For those that didn’t notice, SUBWAYblogger’s got some new digs. I complete redesign. The holiday weekend (right at the very end) inspired me to make a major update.
It’s been almost a full year (in August) since SUBWAYblogger was born, so we figured it was time [...]

The “smart card” system is now being tested on a limited basis with the buses.
But first, a quick refresher on what the hell a smart card is. In short, it’s like easy pass for subway fare. It’s a little keychain bob that you can swipe over a sensor to pay your fare. [...]

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