Thanks But No Thanks, Body Shop

There’s a new ad on the subway that I noticed today for The Body Shop.  I’d actually seen it a few times before but never really knew what was being sold.

For whatever reason, I looked more closely at it today.

It is a sign with flowers.  Chamomile to be exact. The product claims to help you sleep better and wake up more energized.  (Can you say fish oil?)

Turns out, it is a aromatherapy “pillow mist.”  I’m not making this shit up.

It is a spray that you are supposed to spritz on your pillow at night.  The magical scents are supposed to make you sleep better.  Unless it’s chloroform, I’m not buying it.

That one gets chalked up with Dr. Zizmore on the Bullshit Subway Ad Wall of Shame.

5 thoughts on “Thanks But No Thanks, Body Shop

  1. Pillow and linen sprays have been around for at least the last decade or two and have been manufactured by far more ‘haute-y’ companies for far more money than that.


  2. I used to take a lot of all natural organic vitamins and minerals. Turned out that Vitamin E and Ginko Biloba and garlic pills and other stuff were all blood thinners. I got a torn retina that would not stop bleeding and the retina detached. I was lucky the doc glued it back and I can use the eye but he told me take one multivitamin and a fish oil and forget about all that other natural crap. You have to be careful with so called “natural products” because they kill children sometimes and the people selling them are not doctors they are basically bullshit artists. As far as the infamous “Dr. Z” who has been in I don’t know how many hundreds and hundreds of subway cars I don’t know what his real rep is. But I think Doctors and Lawyers should have public “SCORE CARDS” so we can see their wins, losses, and settlement amounts. Just like a freaking eBay rating… when an idiot gives you a bad rating you can comment back.


  3. In addition to the first two comments I’ll add my obvious thought: People have been sleeping for hundreds, no thousands of years without the aid of pillow sprays. Why change now?

    Marketing at its best: Create a manufactured/made up problem, sell it as fact, and watch the $$$ roll in.


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