The kids are out! Dressed up and ready to go.
There’s a lot of cute little tikes out, so that’s not bad. Unfortunately, there’s the teens.
I find it funny when 15 year olds dress up as school girls. It’s sort of missing the irony you find when an adult dresses as a school [...]


Posted on October 31st, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Live Blogging On the Subway

Happy dress like a slut day…I mean…Halloween.
So it is Tuesday and Halloween. This past weekend, there were tons of people in the subway system dressed up. So I don’t anticipate a lot of that today. I think the adults got it out of their systems this weekend instead.
So tonight will probably be the invasion of [...]

Has anyone else noticed the increase of subway conductors spewing travel information over the subway PA systems? Apparently, they are now being told to specifically mention certain tourist attractions near stops.
The Daily News reports that subway conductors are now plugging the “Top of the Rock”…because G.E. is a struggling company? I don’t think [...]

On of the downsides to daylight savings is that you’ll not see the sun again until the spring.
Walking to the subway from work, it is now completely dark. So, you immediately notice how cool stuff in the city looks lit up at night. However, there’s already Christmas lights up!
There’s nothing wrong with stringing them up [...]

Yes, it’s Monday, but boy that extra hour of sleep feels great! Fall day light savings is a holiday better than Christmas. There’s no better gift than an extra hour of snooze time.
So have you gone to a Halloween party yet? If you haven’t, just walk around the subway for ten minutes and you’ll get [...]

The loud “gangsta glam” bitches next to me need to shut up.
How ’bout that for a lead?
There are 4 girls having the most obnoxious conversation ever. They are sitting across from each other reviewing their party last night. Unfortunately, it is standing room only on this train. So they are talking through the crowd of [...]

On the LIRR

Posted on October 27th, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Live Blogging On the Subway

I’m sitting on the Penn Station bound LIRR…as promised this time!
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I love the subway, but these new LIRR cars are nice! The subway will always be #1, but I still dream of the day when the subway will be this nice.
The difference is [...]

It feels good! Back in the regular morning routine. The smell of car exhaust, and urine in the subway. Ahhh yes…how I missedbyou. But seriously, I am glad to be back.
Anway, this morning takes me out to Long Island after a quick pit stop at the office. Last week, I built everyone’s [...]

Flash Back


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