In preparation for the summer Olympic games, Beijing has started security checks at all of their subway stations.  No, they aren’t a joke like they are in the NYC subway system.
“It’s just as strict as the airport security checks.” [Source]
They have wands to scan passengers for weapons, and all large bags go through X-ray [...]

For a limited time, is offering free, 1 week banner ads in our left sidebar.  That’s right…FREE.  No strings attached.
If you’re interested, send your request to:  free [at]
You will receive instructions for claiming the ad in just a minute or two.
- SB Team
UPDATE: Free ads are SOLD OUT.  But, we are going to [...]

Got this email yesterday…
I work for Hopstop and I’m a fan of your site. I’ve noticed you haven’t posted an entry about Hopstop in a while. Hopstop has recently acquired partnerships with Duane Reade and NY Magazine. We’ve also been featured on ABC News…
I would love for you to write another post regarding Hopstop’s growing [...]

Expanding SUBWAYblogger?

Posted on June 25th, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Uncategorized

So we have been kicking around the idea of expanding SUBWAYblogger to include other cities around the country and around the world.  However, we would keep each city separate. would remain the New York City portal.  However we would create additional subsites.  For example:
In essence, a network of SUBWAYblogger sites would be created, but you [...]

The MTA vowed today to end the policy of allowing MTA board members to have free E-ZPasses and train fares for personal use.
However, it seems that they may still get a free ride if on official MTA business.  However, that seems to be a bit much in my mind.  They should have to pay out [...]

No, I’m not kidding.
Soleil, the newest straphanger, was born right on the F train platform.
Her mom was on the F train when Soleil decided she wanted OUT. A fellow passenger helped her to the platform when when her water broke.
As if in a movie, a nurse stopped to coach her through the birth [...]

Metrofart T-Shirts?

Posted on June 24th, 2008 by The SUBWAYblogger in Scary People

Ahhh the joy of reader emails.  This one goes in the classic pile:
Hello SubwayBlogger!
Hopefully you’ll get a kick out of the new MetroFart t-shirt, just made available on
A recent trip on the 6 train inspired this t-shirt design; I jumped on the train at 33rd street, to head home to the UES. I immediately [...]

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