Did you hear about the mother who came home last night only to find her two kids dead in the bathtub? The mother got home around midnight after work. Daddy was home “taking care” of the kids.
Allegedly, he drowned the two little ones in the bathtub. He then went down to the subway and threw [...]

It is annoying how one little problem on a subway line can screw things up EVERYWHERE. A five minute diversion on the C train can cause hours of backups on the 1 train. Stuff like that.
This morning, there must have been a holdup somewhere because the entire platform was 10 people deep. Even then, it [...]

Sorry to everyone who was expecting the usual afternoon post. I left work 30 minutes early and headed to the Bronx to catch the tonight’s game. On the way up here I rode by car with a buddy from work, hence no Live update this afternoon.
I just left the stadium after the end of the [...]

Extra: Bonus Video

Posted on August 30th, 2006 by The SUBWAYblogger in Video

If only the subway were really this fun, but I still like his effort.  (There should be a YouTube Video here, but if YouTube doesn’t feel like working today, here’s the direct link)

Did you ever notice how people run to catch a train? Did you ever look at someone running and think to yourself, “Oh please stop running. That’s entirely too much jiggle this early in the morning.
It is a regular occurance, but it is so funny to watch. What is it about women over 30 that [...]

Well I wish there were more to blog about than the insane amount of rain lately, but that’s the big story.
I was lucky enough to get on The Death Car this morning before the rain hit. Unfortunately, this afternoon’s trip is a wet one!  Out my office window, it looked like it didn’t stop raining [...]

I just heard the subway pulling into the station as I was walking downstairs. So, I ran through the turnstile to get down here. Unfortunately, I had to jump into a car that I usually don’t get in.
I’m what you call an “end-rider.” I prefer to ride near the very front or rear of the [...]

What’s with all the subway cars with broken air conditioning?
The MTA has insane surpluses every year, yet there are still trains crusing around with random cars that have no AC.
In a hurry, I unknowingly jump onto those busted cars and immediately say to myself, “Well, maybe if I let the doors close on my head [...]

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